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1. Long, slow, boring cardio workouts are not only one of the SLOWEST ways to burn body fat,
but they may actually HURT your long term results. I'll show you how this type of exercise done by
itself will actually slow down your metabolism.

2. Ab exercises like crunches, sit-ups, and ab machines are some of the LEAST effective
method of achieving flat six pack abs, and they may just end up leading to serious lower back injuries.
We'll look into the exact set of exercises that REALLY get results in a minute.

3. Did you know that the foods many manufacturers label as "healthy" and "low fat" foods are really
NOTHING more than over processed foods that your body can't recognize? As a result, your body has
no choice but to go into a fat storing mode,
which only leads to more belly fat... and yes, the diet
food industry knows this.

4. Fat burners are nothing more than expensively packaged and well marketed CAFFEINE pills. Don't
believe me? Just go look at the ingredients label on the bottle of any one of the top sellers and
see 100 - 300mg of caffeine
(it may be disguised, but I'll show you the "code words" to uncover it).

5. Why pretty much every machine at your local gym is a complete waste of your time and gym
membership. Despite what gym owners would like you to believe these "circuits" are REALLY just
crafty sales tools to sell memberships. They know that no one can actually gets a great looking body
by going through a random 1,2,3 circuit.
The people you see on the covers of magazines and
product packages
don't actually use those pieces of equipment - they got their perfect body
through REAL exercises and REAL nutritional programs (by the way, you can do these programs in
the comfort of your own home). Again, you'll learn more of these secrets and what really works below.  
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